Fire Hooks Unlimited

  • Fire Hooks 8 lb force axe

    8 lb Force Axe

    Newly designed 8 lb Force Axe. NEW!  We have upgraded our 8 LB FORCE AXE with a new triple-reinforced interior fiberglass rod, three times larger and stronger than any competitor's handle sold...

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  • Fire Hooks Adz Bar

    Adz Bar

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Bar The Adz-Bar is an innovative new tool for all operations from forcible entry, to search and overhaul. This tool is a Pro-Bar (Halligan) tool, except that an...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Hook Adz Hook

    Adz Hook

    The Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Hook is a NY Rook Hook head with a wide adz on the other end. All aircraft steel pole with a fire resistant grip. Great for maximum prying and penetration Lengths...

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  • Fire Hooks All Axe Roof Set

    All Axx Roof Axe

    The ALL-AXX is an 11 pound steel handled roof axe with a 6 lb. pickhead on one end and a halligan fork on the other. Designed for the roof, the 6 lb. blade can make a crevice so the fork can fit in...

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  • Aluminum Force Wedge Force Wedge

    Aluminum Force Wedge

    Use the aluminum force wedge along with a halligan tool to create a gap while forcing a door during forcible entry operations. Tap in the wedge with the butt end of your halligan bar creating a...

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  • Note the halligan slot Note the halligan slot

    Black Maxx Forcible Entry Tool

    The Black Maxx forcible entry tool is a hydrid sledge/maul with an 8.5 pound striking-force head with a pointed blade cutter. It's a great tool for forcible entry and roof work. Short enough...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Farr Bar

    Farr Bar Forcible Entry Tool

    The Farr Bar is a forcible entry tool with a combination of roof hook on one end and a halligan type fork on the other. Comes with a Celtex grip Two welded rings and a reflective shoulder...

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  • Fire Hooks Talon Hook with shoulder strap Fire Hooks Talon Hook Roof Hook End

    Fire Hooks Talon Hook

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Talon Hook. A new and innovative hook from Fire Hook Unlimited for use in the fire service. Made of a special steel or fiberglass shaft covered with 28" of a no-slip fire...

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