Fire Hooks Unlimited

  • 8 lb Force Axe

    8 lb Force Axe

    With it's balanced design the weight of the Force Axe puts some force in your swing and is the ideal tool for forcible entry. The contoured head offers a large strike surface and can be used as a...

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  • Fire Hooks Adz Bar

    Adz Bar

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Bar The Adz-Bar is an innovative new tool for all operations from forcible entry, to search and overhaul. This tool is a Pro-Bar (Halligan) tool, except that an...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Hook Adz Hook

    Adz Hook

    The Fire Hooks Unlimited Adz Hook is a NY Rook Hook head with a wide adz on the other end. All aircraft steel pole with a fire resistant grip. Great for maximum prying and penetration Lengths...

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  • Fire Hooks All Axe Roof Set

    All Axx Roof Axe

    The ALL-AXX is an 11 pound steel handled roof axe with a 6 lb. pickhead on one end and a halligan fork on the other. Designed for the roof, the 6 lb. blade can make a crevice so the fork can fit in...

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  • Force Wedge Married with a Pro Bar

    Aluminum Force Wedge

    Use the aluminum force wedge along with a halligan tool to create a gap while forcing a door during forcible entry operations. Tap in the wedge with the butt end of your halligan bar creating a...

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  • Note the halligan slot Note the halligan slot

    Black Maxx Forcible Entry Tool

    The BlackMaxx forcible entry tool is a hydrid sledge/maul with an 8.5 pound striking-force head with a pointed blade cutter. It's a great tool for forcible entry and roof work. Short enough...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Dynamic Duo with lock slot 8 axe Fire Hooks Lock Slot 8 Axe

    Dynamic Duo Forcible Entry Set

    Fire Hooks  DYNAMIC DUO Forcible Irons Set  The ultimate firefighter forcible entry tool set. The standard set includes the Maxximus forcible entry tool and the Lock Slot 8lb Force Axe...

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  • Fire Hooks Unlimited Farr Bar

    Farr Bar Forcible Entry Tool

    The Farr Bar is a forcible entry tool with a combination of roof hook on one end and a halligan type fork on the other. Comes with a Celtex grip Two welded rings and a reflective shoulder...

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  • Fire Hooks Talon Hook with shoulder strap Fire Hooks Talon Hook Roof Hook End

    Fire Hooks Talon Hook

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Talon Hook. A new and innovative hook from Fire Hook Unlimited for use in the fire service. Made of a special steel or fiberglass shaft covered with 28" of a no-slip fire...

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