Hydraulic Hose

  • Hydraulic Hose Bag Red Hydraulic Hose Bag Red

    Hydraulic Hose Bag with Reflective Trim

    When you don't have a reel, keep your hydraulic hose properly coiled and couplings protected with this hydraulic hose bag FEATURES: Holds up to 100' hydraulic hose Velcro closure Bottom handles allows quick release of hose from bag- unstrap and...

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  • 422 Hose Roll Bag 422 Fire Hose Bag

    Hose Roll Bag

    RB Fabrications 422 Hose Roll Bag The 422 Hose Roll bag is a rugged vinyl bag designed for one-man carrys of fire hose or extrication hydraulic hose. Will carry approximately 100 ft. of 2½" or 3" hose and approximately 150 ft. - 200 ft. of...

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