Medical Bags

From plain jane to top of the line, Warrior Fire has the medical bag to suit your needs. Oxygen and trauma bags have options like Tuff Bottoms to keep your bag out of the elements. We also carry specialty bags like cervical collar storage bags and rolling bags.

  • 838GR-PKT-V Vinyl Oxygen Roll Bag


    838GR-PKT-V Vinyl Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket The #838-PKT has the same features as a #838GR, but has an additional side pocket. This pocket measures 21”L X 2”W X 7”H, which is suitable for storage of items such as suction, oxygen...

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  • rb fabrications esp-13 Res-Q-Pak Spinal Immobilization case

    RB Fab Res-Q-Pak

    RB Fabrications ESP-13 Res-Q-Pak spinal immobilization equipment case. This kit will hold the essentials needed for spinal immobilization on a backboard, such as a set of cervical collars, head blocks, backboard straps or a Ked® type extrication...

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  • 828 First Responder Bag RB Fabrications 828 Bag in blue

    First Responder Bag

    The 828 First Responder Bag is large enough to hold supplies for several patients. FEATURES: Large center compartment with U shaped zipper for easy access. Two side end pockets with zippers   3M™heat applied silver reflective trim...

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  • 838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket 838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket

    838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket

    838GR-PKT Oxygen Roll Bag with Pocket The 838GR-PKT has the same features as the 838GR with the addition of a side pocket measuring 21"long x 7"tall x 2"deep.  This allows for additional storage of items such as canulas, oxygen masks, tubing, etc...

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  • RB Fabrications S600X IV Setup Kit IV Setup Compact Kit

    IV Setup Compact Kit

    The S600X IV Setup Kit. It's a compact kit for your IV setup. FEATURES: Slot pockets and elastic loops secure and organize your supplies. Constructed of 1000 denier Cordura nylon #10 YKK heavy duty zupper with lockable zipper slides Color: Red Wt...

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  • Cervical Collar Carrying Case

    Cervical Collar Carrying Case

    685OR Flat Cervical Collar Carrying Case RB Fabrications Organize your cervical collars with this Orange Carrying Case. Printed letters lets you easily find what you are looking for. Designed to hold a set of 6 cervical collars. It has a Velcro®...

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  • 820 trauma oxygen bag 820OR Oxygen Trauma Bag front

    820OR Trauma Oxygen Bag

    820oR Trauma Oxygen Bag RB Fabrications The 820OR oxygen trauma bag is a large multi-supply bag designed to hold your bleeding control supplies, oxygen management kit and an oxygen cylinder.   FEATURES: This bag is designed to carry your...

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  • r&b fabrications 838GR oxygen storage bag RB Fabrications: 838GR Oxygen Roll Bag

    RB Fabrications: 838GR Oxygen Roll Bag

    838GR Oxygen Roll Bag "D" Cylinder RB Fabrications Fully padded with handles running fully under the bag this oxygen roll bag can handle your cylinder, regulator and accessories. OXYGEN BAG FEATURES: Padded with a high density foam Has a removable...

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  • Medic Bag MB-1 Medic Bag

    Medic Bag

    Looking for a medical bag that has enough room for an air bottle and your medical equipment? The MB1 Medic bag does it all with a large center compartment and a variety of pockets. FEATURES: Constructed from heavy duty Cordura nylon Triple rail...

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