Multi Tools-bars

Forcible Entry Tools with Multiple Uses

  • Fire Hooks Roof Duo featuring Maxx Axe and Maxx Mod

    Fire Hooks Roof Duo Forcible Entry Team

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Roof Duo Forcible Entry Irons Set Two tools combined as a set for flat roof ops- a Maxx-Axe 32" and a Maxx-Mod 24". With the Maxx-Axe 32" lock slot feature, both can be carried in one hand, leaving your other hand to carry a New...

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  • Fire Hooks Jake Rake

    Jake Rake

    Fire Hooks Jake Rake The Jake Rake is also a name for a fire tool that is named in honor of Boston area firefighters. It is 44 inches long and weighs 7 pounds. It has an adz and a pike on one end and a Boston rake on the other. The handle is made of...

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  • Fire Hooks Dynamic Trio Forcible Entry Set

    Fire Hooks Unlimited Dynamic Trio

    The Dynamic Trio forcible entry set contains an 8 lb force axe, a 30" pro bar and a marrying strap.         The 8 lb force axe consists features a fiberglass handle. The rear of the axe head offers a large strike...

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  • HDST Halligan Bar HD Steel Halligan Bar Fork End

    HD Halligan Bar Forcible Entry Tool

    The HDST BAR  is a  30" Steel Halligan forcible entry tool manufactured by Fire Hooks Unlimited and designed for fire and law personnel. All steel shaft with steel fork, pick and Adz ends. No slip Celtex grips. Three piece welded to make a one...

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  • Firemaxx forcible entry tool FireMaxx 14 tools in one

    Firemaxx Forcible Entry Combo Tool

    Fire Hooks FireMaxx 14-in-one tool The FireMaxx is a one piece drop forged, heat treated combo forcible entry tool with a self extinguishing center grip   14 tools in one 1 - Axe2 - Hammer3 - Spanner Wrench4 - Windshield Cutter5 - Rappelling...

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