• K12FD Chopper Carbide Tip Blade

    Carbide Tip Wood Cutting Saw Blade

    Carbide Tip Saw Blade for K12FD or rotary saw. Specially designed for roof cutting in the field. "The Chopper" 12" and 14" diameter with standard 1" arbor.  Adapters also available in 7/8" or 20 mm.  The 12 tip and 24 tip available only on the...

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  • Fire Tuff Chainsaw with reflective shoulder strap Optional case

    Fire Tuff Chainsaw

    The Fire Tuff Chainsaw is the general purpose saw you break out when your rescue saw won't do. Exceptional in forestry applications, it will quickly clear logs and tree debris out of the way. Includes: Chainsaw, Reflective Shoulder Strap, Protective...

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